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li·mes (L),

(lī'mēz), The plural of this word is lim'ites, not limes.
A boundary, limit, or threshold.
See also: L doses.


A boundary, limit, or threshold.
See also: L doses


(L) (lī'mēz)
A boundary or threshold.
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The lime crop in Mexico, which produces more than 90% of the limes now consumed in the U.
One of the luncheon attendees, a Southern California restaurateur, told her he is offering a free appetizer to any customer who brings in a bag of limes from their backyard tree.
In a typical year, Mexico produces more than 2 million tons of limes for the domestic market, of which 60% are sold as fruit to consumers and 40% is processed by the food industry.
Add the cream cheese, lime zest and juice and beat until just incorporated.
In some parts of the world, lime and beer are a natural and complementary combination," said Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor.
You can also mince fresh citrus, such as tangerines, pink grapefruit, limes, or oranges, and add these to the salad dressing.
Ant colonies are vulnerable to a variety of swindles, Limes points out.
However, without the newly identified component, limes just do not smell like limes, they said.
Substitute frum for whiskey, for example, and make a RUM SOUR: Shake three ounces of dark rum with the juice of one lime, add sugar syrup to taste and strain into a glass.
Add one squeeze of fresh lime for extra flavor and garnish with a lime wedge.
Between mid-February and April 2006, Southern Comfort will spend more than $3 million in a television buy that features its SoCo nickname and SoCo Lime drinks.
This convenient format offers foodservice operators all the taste and aroma of fresh-squeezed limes while eliminating common concerns chefs have with whole limes: labor, fluctuating prices, waste and spoilage.