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As such, the "Edge of the Wild" strictly speaking cannot be regarded as a limen to separate the mundane from the fantastical either.
The idea of heaven presumes an afterlife in a probably inconceivable, indescribable space without boundaries but, nonetheless, with a behavioural limen which, ultimately, allows or bars access.
Turner goes on to describe the liminal as "an interval, however brief, of margin or limen, when the past is momentarily negated, suspended or abrogated, and the future has not yet begun, an instant of pure potentiality when everything, as it were, trembles in the balance" (qtd.
But the limen is not simply a moment of ideological chaos or psychosocial angst during which the national narrative degenerates into a confused cacophony of voices.
ventum erat ad limen, cum virgo, "poscere fata / tempus" ait: "deus, ecce, deus
Soprattutto con il riferimento al limen libelli, infatti, Marziale sembrerebbe comunicare che quanto ha appena enunciato programmaticamente sara suggellato con un epigramma collocato "proprio sulla soglia di questo libro", ossia all'ingresso o meglio nel vestibolo, facendolo immediatamente seguire all'epistola.
by resurrecting Quentin Compson and putting him to work re-telling the South's tangled past, William Faulkner set out to accomplish the same regeneration with one of the American South's specific and divided selves: the rationalized walls built between society and the Feminine ethic; without an open border or at least a fertile limen between the base pair out of which all human community radiates, the community stagnates and falls into barrenness--social Waste Land, so to speak.
Herein lies the ambiguity of the limen, in its paradoxical nature.
The presence of an opening in the mucosa of the anterior region of the nasal septum, posteriorly to the limen nasi, was identified as a positive characteristic for the VNO.
En este limen formado por el exceso de trascendencia, el tiempo se acrisola al margen tanto de la historia como de la cronologia, y, poco a poco, se va haciendo cada vez mas denso: es el tiempo abstracto del ritual y del sacrificio en el que la existencia humana concreta se funde y se diluye sujeta a ritmos cosmicos que se ve incapaz de controlar.
Rituals that give meaning to transitional moments in the life of the individual and her community are comprised of three stages: separation, limen, and aggregation (Turner 1977, 94); funerals would be such rituals.
Es imprescindible conocer donde se situan las fronteras, sobre que vallum y en el interior de que limen se deben establecer el poder y la defensa.