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astrapophobia, keraunophobia.
Drug slang A regional term for amphetamine
Public health A meteorologic phenomenon caused by a massive atmospheric discharge of electricity, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and rarely also during volcanic eruptions or dust storms


Public health A meteorologic phenomenon caused by a massive discharge of electricity. Cf Lightening.


visible discharge of electricity between storm clouds or between the clouds and an earthing point at ground level.

lightning injury
exposure to high voltage electric shock by means of a lightning strike, which causes sudden nervous shock and unconsciousness or permanent cessation of medullary vital centers, resulting in sudden death. Animals that recover may have residual signs. Called also lightning strike. Fish in enclosed waters, e.g. farmed fish, may have their backs broken by lightning striking the water.
lightning strike
when lightning finds an earthing point.
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8] This is important to note, as chronic symptoms experienced by lightning injury survivors are well documented.
These criteria, if adopted, may help to more firmly establish the diagnosis of a syndrome occurring in consequence of a lightning injury.
In one case, emergency defibrillation was performed on a patient developing ventricular fibrillation after lightning injury.
Long bone fractures, vertebral compression fractures, and scapular fractures may result from the electrical shock associated with lightning injury, either from the violent and intense muscle contraction or from blunt trauma.
This strike is probably the most common type of lightning injury.
Many doctors don't understand lightning injuries, says Dr Mary Ann Cooper, director of the Lightning Injury Research Program at the University of Illinois.

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