light polymerization

(redirected from light curing)

light pol·y·mer·i·za·tion

(līt poli-mĕr-ī-zāshŭn)
Use of visible or ultraviolet illumination to excite a photoinitiator; which can initiate polymerization, usually of a resin.
Synonym(s): light curing.
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The light curing process looks quite simple, and indeed it is.
Light-cured adhesive is relatively easy to use in an assembly process, even though it involves a light curing step.
The individual light curing of the primer and the adhesive of this system is beneficial as it provides stability of the composite-tooth substrate bond and long-term durability of the hybrid layer.
In this pattern, the plate can be fixed under the light curing device directly by the flexible metal ring (1), then the device and the plate can be fixed on the tooth.
The problem with this approach was that, although the parts to be bonded are visually clear, the material has UV absorbing properties- so getting the right amount of light curing energy to the joint appeared to be tricky.
The use of light-transmitting posts in conjunction with light-curing composite resins within a post canal space eliminates the difficulty in control experienced with a rapidly polymerizing autocuring composite resin and ensures complete polymerization in a light curing composite resin.
Mydent International introduces Light Curing Pit and IFissure Sealant, the latest in its line of DEFEND preventive products.
Degree of conversion and color stability of the light curing resin with new photoinitiator systems.
The new system easily integrates into existing production lines downstream of the light curing operation and provides an immediate, non-destructive analysis of all bonded assemblies measured.
The prepared dental surfaces were cleaned with pumice, etched by using 37% phosphoric acid, then rinsed, dried lightly, wetted by light curing adhesive, Prime & Bond NT (Caulk, Milford, DE, USA) and light cured.
The use of light curing composite materials meant a new step forward towards the direct restorations on the posterior teeth.