light polymerization

(redirected from light curing)

light pol·y·mer·i·za·tion

(līt poli-mĕr-ī-zāshŭn)
Use of visible or ultraviolet illumination to excite a photoinitiator; which can initiate polymerization, usually of a resin.
Synonym(s): light curing.
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The dental systems and equipment segment is further divided into instrument delivery systems, handpieces, dental chairs, light curing equipment, scaling units, CAD/CAM systems, dental lasers, and radiology equipment.
Qty-As Per Annexure, 3) Dental Air Polishing Unit With Polishing Powder (24 X 180 Gms) Bottles Unit 4) Dental Light Curing Portable Unit Cordless.
The problem with this approach was that, although the parts to be bonded are visually clear, the material has UV absorbing properties- so getting the right amount of light curing energy to the joint appeared to be tricky.
The guide enables customers to better understand the production savings possible from light curing.
Optimal cure time can be achieved by using this product in conjunction with an LED light curing system from the company, designed to provide users with significant advantages over conventional lamp-curing systems, including cooler curing temperatures, more consistent cure results, lower intensity degradation over time, lower energy consumption and reduced costs.
Keywords Acrylic resin, Coating, Nanocomposite, Light curing, Thermal curing
Mydent International introduces Light Curing Pit and IFissure Sealant, the latest in its line of DEFEND preventive products.
The new system easily integrates into existing production lines downstream of the light curing operation and provides an immediate, non-destructive analysis of all bonded assemblies measured.
Generally, the complete dentures bases are made of acrylic resins--heat curing, light curing technologies.
According to Dymax, a Torrington, CT-based company that specializes in items such as assembly adhesives, coatings, masks and light curing systems, its new product cures in seconds upon exposure to W/visible light and fluoresces to enable inline inspection and quicker processing.
DYMAX, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, specializes in the formulation of UV adhesives, masking resins and light curing equipment for OEMs worldwide.