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Furthermore, the use of pre-tied ligatures resulted in lower post-surgical pain score in women submitted to salpingectomy compared to electrocoagulation (LIM et al.
But he added that the "extent" of DNA from Sinclair on the ligatures meant they could not say Hamilton acted alone.
If the curtain is removed by causing the break-away fasteners to release, the material can be used as a ligature in other ways such as tying a knot in the material and placing it over the top of a door and closing the door.
Correlations were assessed separately between buccal/palatal and proximal sites for teeth with and without ligature in the hemimaxillae of rats treated or not treated with alcohol.
O'Rourke "usually" employed the term a "double ligature" or a similar term when he applied two ligatures and that his failure to do so in the notes in the surgery in question would constitute "some evidence" that he only used one ligature.
606) shows the word samaa (meaning "rise"), whi is written smA, where ligatures exist for both sm and mA.
Designed with sophisticated engineering and space-age material, these braces use a unique clip to hold the wires in place without elastic ligatures, yet carefully regulate force.
Davidson said a sample found on Christine's belt - which was wrapped round Helen's neck - was the only place on the ligatures where Sinclair's DNA was traced without Hamilton's also being present.
And, even when these fasteners function properly, the curtains themselves can easily be tied around the neck as ligatures, so the consideration of break-away weight alone is not sufficient to prevent hazard.
There are low-friction elastomeric ligatures which, according to the manufacturers, have a highly lubricated surface, so that they become extremely slippery when wet, thereby reducing friction.
He added: "There had to be a primary duty of care to ensure she had no access to ligatures or ligature points in her cell.