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In all the cases in the present study, the ligature mark was found to be oblique and non-continuous.
Associated injuries other than ligature mark such as abrasions, contusions, and lacerations over face, limbs, and other body parts were present in 11 (10.
The total surgical time (from skin incision to suture), time of the approach to the ovaries (manipulation of each ovary, ligature and resection), anesthesia time (premedication to extubation) and recovery of the animals (from extubation to spontaneous standing position and walking) were measured and expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation.
Several manufacturers now offer factory assembles that are sealed units with miniblinds inside the units and ligature resistant operating devices to adjust the tilt of the blinds.
Mac Roger's play Ligature Marks, also directed by Jordana Williams, will run July 17-27 at Williamsburg's Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn) as part of its 5th annual Game Play Festival.
Figure 2 shows the measurements for the site with ligature on the proximal aspects.
This custody suite was inherently unsafe due to the age of its fabric, and staff were not trained or equipped to identify the full range of ligature points that we found," the inspectors said.
Concluding the case, Mr Whittaker said: "The medical cause of her death is unequivocal and is asphyxiation due to ligature.
She had been throttled with a ligature on the living room floor.
The prosecution rested on the board's failure to remove fixed ligature points from the psychiatric unit.
Rachel was living at the secure Westwood Centre, at West Lane Hospital, in Middlesbrough, when she was found in her en-suite bathroom with the ligature around her neck on March 10 last year.