life scripts

life scripts, autobiographies that provide maps for psychothera-peutic or hypnotherapeutic work.
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There is a fundamental human drama that underlies all life scripts and characters that loom larger than our individual lives.
6 All Embodied Spirits have the right to revise their life scripts as many times as they please during each incarnation.
helps kids tackle problems of analyzing limiting life scripts and learning to choose more authentic responses to problems.
Key Info, Case Studies, and Exercises are regularly broken out, along with 10 common life scripts in the chapter on confidence.
Life scripts such as the rags-to-riches life story and, conversely, the vice-to-downfall story.
Liliane Desjardins (author); THE IMPRINT JOURNEY; Life Scripts Press (Nonfiction: Self-Help) $19.
Others investigate the impact of schematic narrative templates or life scripts as culturally transmitted frames for the construction of autobiographical memories.
The Formation of Subconscious Conclusions and Decisions, Manifesting in Hypnotic Blueprints or Subconscious Life Scripts
The full breadth of Berne's thinking encompasses a lot of technical concepts, dressed up in jargon that is sometimes obscure (such as life scripts, strokes and time structuring) or seductively simple (such as games and OK).
She then proposes that the socialist woman autobiographer--as studied here in the cases of Flora Tristan, George Sand, and Louise Michel--developed "new life scripts," writing to participate "in the great historical process which her very text would serve to shape and influence.
These life scripts are first outlined by the ideology, then written in detail from the facts selected that fit the preconceptions, ignoring those facts that don't fit" (90).
69-142), raises awareness of this by her strategic questions necessitated by the unrecorded life scripts and experiences of the women: "Where," she asks, "did these women come from?

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