licensed health professional

licensed health professional,

n an individual who has successfully completed a prescribed program of study in a variety of health fields and who has obtained a license or certificate indicating his or her competence to practice in that field.
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A fourth Leach bill, HB2067, which would make it an act of unprofessional conduct for a licensed health professional to knowingly make a false statement in a written medical marijuana certification submitted to DHS passed in the House 35-25 and has been referred to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.
An Excellent Opportunity for a licensed health professional to move into a profitable Chiropractic Clinic that is located in a rapidly growing market.
The issue, he says, is double-edged: cosmetic procedures have become so commonplace that women see them as no more serious than having a hair colour or false nails, and while Botox can only be given by a licensed health professional, facial fillers are totally unregulated.
The Delaware State Senate is considering a bill, Senate Bill 31, requiring a licensed health professional to report to the board any other licensee or health care provider who the licensee reasonably believes to be guilty of unprofessional conduct or physically or mentally incapable of practicing their profession.
During Module II, the licensed health professional manages three cases under the supervision of our Medical Director over a minimum of 18-24 months, with the emphasis on clinical data collection, developing individual protocols and on-going case management.
It is the responsibility of the nurse or midwife, as the licensed health professional, to determine their own learning needs and calculate the numbers of hours they have spent in their own professional development.
The OEHN, as a licensed health professional, can assist employers and employees in selection and use of quality providers for certain diagnoses from the approved panels (doctors, chiropractors, therapists, clinics, or hospitals).
This site is to be commended for its insistence on the importance of working with a licensed health professional to find health measures appropriate for the individual and the medical condition being treated.
Because the test candidate is already a licensed health professional or has experience as an asthma educator (requirements to take the test), the focus of the examination is not on the candidates' knowledge of the subjects, per se.
Days might pass before a caregiver notifies a licensed health professional that a resident requires a little more help.
The term excludes substances taken under the direction of a licensed health professional.
Athletes and parents must be provided with concussion information, and athletes with symptoms of a concussion must be removed from participation and cannot return to play without signed clearance both from a licensed health professional and the child's parents.

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