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Maurice, U.S. pathologist, 1908-1994. See: Lev disease, Lev syndrome.


pref See levo-.
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Performance guarantee for lot "Dairy Products" - 650 Levs
Performance guarantee for lot "Fruits and Vegetables" - 720 Levs
00 lev / seven hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred lev / excl.
00 lev / twenty-nine thousand eight hundred lev / VAT or 35 lev 760.
2 - "Apparatus needed for training in specialty medical rehabilitation and occupational therapy" - a total of 4 pieces of apparatus 26 999 BGN (twenty-six thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine lev) without VAT, which is 32 398,80 BGN ( thirty-two thousand three hundred ninety-eight lev and 80 st.
Estimated contract value is EUR 24 900,00 lev (twenty-four thousand nine hundred lev) VAT / 2% tax IPTA / distributed in lots as follows: Lot ?
Deposits and Guarantees required: Amount of guarantees to participate in lots lev as follows