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1. The actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
2. The mechanical advantage gained thereby.

leverage (leˑ·v·rij),

n chiropractic technique in which the thrust is applied with counterstabilization so that the force of the initial thrust is not lost.


Actual lift or elevating direction of a lever or elevator.
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Negotiating leverage is a wonderful, powerful and very profitable characteristic that all companies should aspire to possess.
Another practical consideration of the leverage model stems from requiring qualified equity investments to be maintained for seven years.
As he releases off the line on an inside leverage path, the receiver must train his eyes on the DB.
The final maturity of the new forms of leverage is short relative to the perpetual maturity of ARPS issued previously.
In our system, government oversight of leverage is the exception, not the rule.
In order to maintain leverage at the contact point, the blocker must have his hands in the cocked position after the first step.
Department stores took the top six spots in both book and cash flow leverage, reflecting the dramatic impact that the removal of credit card operations has on leverage.
The Working Group has made considerable progress toward developing a common understanding of LTCM's relationships with its counterparties and of the weaknesses in those counterparties' risk-management practices that allowed LTCM to achieve such an extraordinary degree of leverage.
The Leverage-eis system can be installed in LAN environments in a matter of days or weeks for a department or for the entire enterprise and you would be surprised at how little it costs," says Michael Chambers, President of Leverage Systems.
First, higher leverage ratios have been required for banks that have been downgraded on the basis of loan losses.
The accompanying increase in debt has resulted in an appreciable rise in leverage ratios for many of our large corporations.
credit market conditions over the past six months, with weak overall economic activity, higher corporate leverage, and shareholder-friendly activities cited as top concerns, according to a survey conducted by Fitch Ratings together with the Institutional Investor Fixed Income Forum.