level of aspiration

lev·'el of as·pi·ra·tion

in clinical psychology, the degree or quality of performance (exhibited in a testing situation) that a person desires to attain or feels he or she can achieve.
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Setting up a certain level of aspiration depends on the potential skills, effort of will, social environment and material and cultural conditions, and the success and failure trAireasubiectivA (possible success to raise aspiration and failure to decrease).
For BMW, it plugs a gap in their model line-up as a full-size MPV but for the punter it releases a new level of aspiration in the family car sector.
In return, I will invite them to, for example, seek to localise their supply chain, involve themselves in our local schools to raise young people's level of aspiration, provide apprenticeships, and pay the proper living wage of PS8.
Addressing a huge gathering of heads of state, ministers, business corporates, civil society and the media in Lusaka, Adesina said that the Bank has raised its level of aspiration for Africa through its High 5 development priorities.
What exactly is a 'smart city' According to the Smart Cities Mission promoted by the Ministry of Urban Development in India, another country which has already begun to integrate the concept within its community development agenda, "the picture of a smart city contains a wish list of infrastructure and services that describe his/her level of aspiration.
Points of negotiation to consider include: Know your worth and aim |high: successful selling depends on your attitude, it is vital you raise your own level of aspiration.
Rotter's research and writings spanned seven decades and ranged widely in subject matter from level of aspiration to interpersonal differences in personality.
We need people to look at what good looks like and raise the level of aspiration in our schools.
In well-meaning efforts, many colleges have created high-touch but low-impact programs to help Black students (labeled at-risk or under-prepared) "catch up" with middleclass, White and Asian peers, whose outcomes are not stellar, but are unfortunately considered to be a level of aspiration.
Level of aspiration usually affects curriculum choice and hence vocational choice (Betz and Hackett, 1983).
Partnership has carried forward the idea of 'love to be in your shoes' for another season as a part of a strategy to raise the level of aspiration in the Shoe Mart brand communication.
The general level of aspiration in many communities constrains what a school can do.