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Maurice, U.S. pathologist, 1908-1994. See: Lev disease, Lev syndrome.


pref See levo-.
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Lately, Lev has taken to asking Galena about the dog.
I don't understand why they don't want us, we're doing nothing bad here," said the bearded Goldman, who like other men in Lev Tahor (which means "Pure Heart" in Hebrew) has his head shaved and wears sidelocks beneath a black hat.
However, Iva Pavlova, who is said to be Petrov's long-time, live-in girlfriend, is also a long-time member of Lev Ins' Monitoring Board.
Providing an appreciation of the importance of LEV as a control method;
At a time when the economic downturn makes cutting costs and improving efficiency more vital than ever, Wheelabrator Group offers machines and maintenance services to ensure all machinery complies with LEV legislations like COSHH.
Lev Bradford said spring rains helped raise the level of Beaver Lake and increase sales at the Springdale store, which stocks more than 100 boats.
With a host of flourishing projects, Boymelgreen brought his company into a new era two years ago when he entered into a joint venture with Lev Leviev and Africa Israel Investments, LB Lev Leviev/Boymelgreen, strengthening the company's investment prowess.
The Lev is intended to accommodate housing, offices and shops, and was hailed by some of the jury because it is clearly trying, in very difficult circumstances, to recreate urbanity.
Intangibles: Management, Measurement, and Reporting by Baruch Lev is a fine blend of positive and normative economics.
Visteon and Delphi both say their thermoformed tanks are the only plastic tanks that will be able to meet California's LEV II and PZEV emissions standards for 2003 and 2004, respectively (see sidebar for details).
Baruch Lev, a professor of accounting and finance at New York University, suggests there are about 3,000 companies that are undervalued because investors lack good information.
Honda said virtually all Civic Sedan, Coupe and Hatchback models are on par with the 1999 LEV standards for California, the most strict U.

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