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leukocytes (lōō·kō·sīts),

n.pl white blood cells. They protect the body from disease-causing viruses, bacteria, toxins, parasites, and tumor cells.

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Q. can i get a short explanation about white blood cells and their job? what does it mean if i have a insafition

A. White blood cells (WBC's) are the ones responsible for the immune system in the body. The white blood cell count rises in cases of infection, steroid use and other conditions. A low white blood cell count can have many causes, which need to be further evaluated by a doctor.

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LAD is a rare immune deficiency disorder and should be suspected in an infant with typical presentation and confirmed by flow cytometric analysis for the expression of deficient integrin molecules on leukocytes.
In addition to the microfluidic "capture chamber," the new chip incorporates separate ports for lysing reagents and quenching buffers that preserve the leukocytes for counting by the microfabricated electrodes.
For analysis of noncultured leukocytes, 100 [micro]L of freshly drawn whole blood was labeled with fluorescence-conjugated antibodies for 30 min at RT, red blood cells were lysed, and the remaining leukocytes were washed and resuspended in BD FACSflow Sheath Fluid (BD Biosciences) with 1% paraformaldehyde.
Serum separator tubes have been shown to contain fewer leukocytes in the supernatant after centrifugation than corresponding PSTs (5).
Although several previous studies have investigated biological variations of numerical parameters of leukocytes (14-17) and demonstrated hour-to-hour and day-to-day intraindividual fluctuation of WBC, (17) this study is the first to investigate the biological variations of morphologic parameters of leukocytes because of their increasing clinical significance.
Allogeneic leukocytes or soluble factors released by leukocytes during storage have been extensively studied in recent years (23).
Table 2 includes the data needed to test the research hypothesis based on the effect of an exhaustive practice as well as methylphenidate usage over the number of rats' leukocytes and compare the average of leukocytes in witness, exercise, 25%[LD.
The number of rolling, adherent and emigrated leukocytes was determined off-line during playback of videotaped images.
In order to demonstrate the kinds of leukocytes separated by Ficoll density gradients, non-induced samples were used to produce microscopy slides in a cytological centrifuge Fanem[R] model 248.
Studies have been conducted on lower vertebrates in order to understand biological roles of leukocytes in defense mechanisms, and to establish phylogenetic studies and new experimental models.

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