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Variant of leukorrhea.
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7 Whole plant Jaundice (symptoms: abdominal pain, bitter taste in mouth, loss of appetite), leucorrhea (symptoms: discharge of whitish mucous material from vagina or urethra).
e) 33 Girani disease in men (local term used by the Kavirajes denoting loss of libido in men), sutika disease in women (local term used by the Kavirajes for puerperal fever, symptoms being indigestion and leucorrhea in women following childbirth).
They are used in the treatment of leucorrhea and atherosclerosis (Jeena and Kuttan, 1995).
The fruits of Gymnopetalum cochinchinense and Solanum torvum were cooked as curry and eaten; for the former, it acted as a preventive measure against gastric ulcer, while for the latter, it acted as a preventive measure against leucorrhea, typhoid and tonsillitis, suggesting that the fruits have antimicrobial properties.
The decoction of triphala has been found to treat leucorrhea in women (Singh and Londhe 1993).