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greater celandine

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that is a potent skin irritant, used by herbalists of the Middle Ages for removing warts; it was further believed, according to the so-called “doctrine of signatures”, that its bright orange flowers signalled greater celandine’s efficacy in treating jaundice.
Greater celandine is irritating to the skin and GI tract and depresses the CNS; it should be adminstered with caution.


(Chelidonium majus) Herbal recommended for use against GI disorders and palliation of dermatologic problems; clinical studies suggest possible use as an antineoplastic; hepatitis reported as adverse effect; should be considered toxic; not approved in U.S. markets as a drug, but is often found combined with other ingredients in herbal compounds.
Synonym(s): felonwort, rock poppy.
[L. chelidonia, fr. G. chelidōn, swallow]

celandine (se·lanˑ·dēn),

n Latin name:
Chelidonium majus; parts used: buds, leaves, roots; uses: antiinflammatory, digestive aid, spasms in the digestive tract, medicine for the liver and gallbladder; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, long-term use, can cause hypotension, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, hepatotoxicity, polyuria, and polydipsia. Also called
celandine poppy, common celandine, felonwort, garden celandine, greater celandine, rock poppy, swallow wort, tetter wort, or
wart wort.
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Lesser celandine spreads through tubers, tiny little bulbs on its roots that are difficult to see.
It's a plant I'm not overly keen on, simply because I have spent so much time and money killing its close cousin, lesser celandine.
At present nature is only just getting its act together and we can see the first bright yellow lesser celandines, ranunculus ficaria, flowering on the woodland margins.
At Lathom, he was treated to 22 marsh marigolds in flower with plenty of lesser celandine - our most successful wild flower according to the Plantlife survey.
Lesser celandine is most successful, while tufted vetch has suffered the greatest decline.
JIM BRADY admired lesser celandine in bloom near Rufford Community Hall - a large expanse of the plant has been flowering at Marshside, for the past week at least.
But it'll be a few more months yet before shoots of the woodland's bluebells, red campion and lesser celandine begin to stir again.
Primroses, dafodils and crocuses are bursting out all over Wales, while the lesser celandine is flowering as far north as Cumbria.
The fresh young leaves of lesser celandine,also known as pilewort (don't ask
Thankfully warmer than the Arctic Circle,our own ``non-winter'' moves towards spring, with a mistle thrush nesting in Liverpool's Paradise Street, a bumble bee (possibly buff-tailed) reported from Hunts Cross and lesser celandine not far off flowering at several sites.
Bluebells share their woodland domain with other flowers, most notably primroses, anemones, yellow lesser celandines and ramsons, also know as wild garlic, which produces an unmistakable odour that you will smell long before you spot the small white flowers.
They are followed by lesser celandines, which look like bright yellow stars dotted across the woodland floor.