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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
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4 100 Ancylostoma caninum -- -- -- -- Toxocara canis 2 25 4 50 Toxascaris leonine 2 14 4 29 Rictularia spp.
SNOOP LION: Reincarnated | SNOOP LION is the elevation of Snoop Dogg, who has swapped his canine moniker for a leonine one.
Take heed: if you're in need of leonine assistance, your best recourse may be to start sobbing uncontrollably.
He was a man of leonine courage, he faced all problems in life without grievance, without complaining," said Swami Amritananda, a follower of the Ramakrishna Mission.
Karim Kharbouch's father turns out to be a handsome, leonine man, tall, grinning widely, curly hair coming out the back of a New York Yankees cap.
There may have been an element of vanity in his splendidly cut suits, his striped ties, the golden ring on his little finger, and the leonine hair, but it really was far more than that; these were the natural complements of a man who best embodied the refinement and worldliness we have come to project onto our earlier generations.
I am selling people 5,000 years of Indian civilisation in a bottle," Husain says, tossing her leonine hair with a verve belying her nearly 70 years.
Engaging and original as the house was, the owner was, of course, the star attraction, a big, restless man who was leonine and sensual at 65.
Etienne Gilson reported in his introduction to the Leonine encyclicals that toward the end of his pontificate Leo XIII reviewed the body of his teaching and singled out his encyclical Aeterni Patris of 1879, one of his first pontifical acts, as the most important and basic of all his documents.
Bone sclerosis Rugger jersey spine, cranio-facial bony hypertrophy with leonine facies 3.
With his Harvard credentials and his Parisian expatriation and his leonine looks, he couldn't seem more like a city slicker.
This systemic and lethal infection is characterized by a large myxoma at the inoculation site, a leonine facies caused by edema, and numerous secondary myxomas (2).