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lengthening (lengkˑ·the·ning),

n the use of various massage or muscle energy techniques to relax and stretch muscle and connective tissue.
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Ingrian displays various lengthening processes targeting vowels and consonants that were etymologically short and remain short in standard Finnish.
Ellipse") announced today that the first implantations of the PRECICE(TM) Limb Lengthening device in the United States were successfully performed in December by Dr.
Then, gently bend forward from the hip and allow your hands to relax by the side of the legs - you should feel a mild tension in the lower back and back of the thighs For a side-of-the-trunk stretch, put the soles of the feet together and let your knees relax out to the side of the body, lengthening the inner thigh.
He told them they would have to go the Sick Kids' Hospital in Glasgow, the first time the couple had heard of a leg- lengthening centre in Scotland.
She also told me that I have been tightening rather than strengthening and lengthening.
Ultrasound examination revealed more expressed changes in the extensor digitorum longus during lengthening of the congenitally shortened tibia, which was evident by a greater reduction in its thickness and increased echodensity (p < 0.
The development of limb lengthening and bone transportation techniques has a long history, fraught with complications.
The majority who come for cosmetic limb lengthening have what we call, height dysphoria.
The significance of the Nature study is that it tested the effects of telomere lengthening in an animal model analogous in many ways to disabled elderly humans.
Textbook of Ilizarov surgical techniques; bone correction and lengthening.
If such a type of quantity alternation is to be differentiated from the usual Estonian or Finnic quantity alternation it could be called lengthening alternation.
Topics include telomere dynamics in cancer, telomere lengthening from oocyte to embryonic stem cell, telomere shortening in diabetes mellitus, and transcriptional activity at the telomeres of Chironomus.