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lengthening (lengkˑ·the·ning),

n the use of various massage or muscle energy techniques to relax and stretch muscle and connective tissue.
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Begin your journey toward enduring youth" with bottles of TA-65, an extract of the Chinese herb astragalus "that lengthens human telomeres," beckons Al Sears on his Web site www.
Shadows Lengthen has undergone a rise in his rating of 32lb to a mark of 84 since his first win, but yesterday Easterby did not appear short of confidence that the sequence would be maintained when he said in his own succinct style: "He'll win.
Curl your tail in slightly in order to lengthen your psoas and protect your lower back.
That's because it lengthens your muscles, which can otherwise limit your joints' range of motion.
Gavriil Ilizarov, a Siberian orthopedic surgeon, developed the technique to reshape deformed bones, lengthen the limbs of dwarves, and to fill in gaps created by the removal of tumors.
7m contract to refit and lengthen an Orkney Islands ferry.
pounds 80,000 Amount raised by mum Ginette for Michael to have operations to lengthen his limb
And he pledged that some of the money would be used to lengthen services on the transPennine line.
SHADOWS Lengthen finished 2009 in ferocious form and is one to stay on the right side of as he makes his first start of the year at Southwell today.
Shadows Lengthen is clearly in rude health at the moment and looks set for his third win in less than a week in the Betdaq The Betting Exchange Handicap.
it does not lengthen consonants following a heavy initial syllable, and it does not display lengthening in trisyllabic words.
The deal means Alstom will produce four new 11-car Pendolino trains and lengthen 31 existing Pendolinos by two carriages.