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The fruit of Citrus limon (family Rutaceae); a source of citric and ascorbic acid; the freshly expressed juice of the ripe fruit is used as a refrigerant diuretic in fever, in the form of lemonade.
Synonym(s): limon
[L. limon]


Herbal medicine
A vitamin C-rich citrus fruit, the leaves of which are thought to be mildly sedative and antibacterial.


[Persian limun, lemon]
Fruit of the tree Citrus limon, containing citric acid. Lemons contain enough vitamin C to prevent or treat scurvy. Lemon may be used in place of vinegar, spices, and aromatic substances by those who cannot use such items.


Food faddists who drink large quantities of lemon juice by sucking directly from the raw fruit may develop erosion of the enamel of their teeth.
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Lemon oil is also a hypotensive, which means it lowers blood pressure.
To finish the lemon oil creme brulee: Invert the ramekins onto a parchment-lined sheet pan and sprinkle the brulees with the granulated sugar.
All non-carnivorous readers have to do is immerse their personal vegetable favourites in the lemon oil marinate - chunky aubergines and courgettes would be my choice.
Natrol([R]) Omega 3-6-9 (Lemon Flavor)(++) -- This new formulation, containing MEG-3 Fish Oil and added natural lemon oil to ensure a great lemon flavor, provides a powerful combination of Omega-3 fish oil (850 mg per capsule), GLA (from Borage Oil), and Omega-9 Oleic Acid, designed to create a healthful balance of these EFAs in the body.
Her advice for an overall skin refresher is a salt skin scrub which uses three tbsps of fine sea salt with 25ml avocado oil, or the pulp of an avocado which is better for mixing, and 12 drops of lemon oil.
Alpha hydroxys remove oil and grime and lemon oil zaps bacteria.
Her husband Steve, though, fared better with a pasta, salmon, dill, cream and lemon oil starter that was, apparently, very tasty.
They've combined tea tree oil, which helps boost the immune system, and lemon oil, which relieves stress and aids sleep.
Pillow talk: Sprinkle your pillow with a few of drops of lavender, camomile or lemon oil two hours before bedtime - all are great sleep promoters.
Pure lemon oil is the next best thing to fresh zest but is one-dimensional in flavour and usually commands a very high price because the oil is pressed from fresh lemons.
After cleaning and drying the sink, put some lemon oil on some kitchen paper and coat the entire surface of the sink.
She rubs a gritty, exfoliating cream containing olive stones, oat flour and lemon oil into my skin, leaving me fresh and rosy-cheeked.