idée fixe

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a mental impression or conception.
autochthonous idea a persistent idea, originating within the mind, usually from the unconscious, but seeming to have come from an outside source and often therefore felt to be of malevolent origin.
dominant idea one that controls or colors every action and thought.
fixed idea a persistent morbid impression or belief that cannot be changed by reason.
overvalued idea a false or exaggerated belief sustained beyond logic or reason but with less rigidity than a delusion, also often being less patently unbelievable.
idea of reference the incorrect idea that the words and actions of others refer to one's self, or the projection of the causes of one's own imaginary difficulties upon someone else.

fixed i·de·a

1. an exaggerated notion, belief, or delusion that persists, despite evidence to the contrary, and controls the mind;
2. the obstinate conviction of a psychotic person regarding the correctness of a delusion.

idée fixe

(e-da´ fēks) [Fr.] fixed idea.

idée fixe

idee fixe

Fixed idea Psychiatry An obsessive idea, delusion, or compulsion

i·dée fixe

(ē-dā' fēks)
French for fixed idea (q.v.).
[Fr. obsession]

idée fixe

A fixed idea or obsession, often delusional, and having a marked effect on behaviour.
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In this process, the image or leitmotif of Erewhon/Nowhere is a central element.
If there is one leitmotif in these superlative stories, it is that of Michon himself, the man and the writer: learning, finding, evolving, becoming himself, relating his impotence, rage, regret, transfigured loss, aspiration, poetic glimmers, grandiosity, unbridled hopes and dreams, and ultimately finding his own voice--in short, all that being a writer is.
Once that happened, Lacey's Transmaniastan, 2007, appeared less transition than leitmotif, signaling the ambivalence of observation that this exhibition--bookended by Ondak's ritual unveiling of what lies "underneath"--sought to reveal.
It is very much Liverpool Vision's intention to continue the work of ACME, maintaining the well-recognised brand, and, through Kevin McManus, continuing to provide intelligent and knowledgeable support, which has become ACME's leitmotif.
The kimono is a leitmotif in KyokoAAEs work; her kimonos have been described in the Vienna newspaper, Wiener Zeitung, as looking Aolike a feather robe, where spiderwebs have caught blossoms and leaves.
So much for unity: disarray through disaster is the leitmotif du jour.
But the recognition of meaninglessness, including disenchantment with the explanatory and corrective promises of scientific modernity, was no less a leitmotif in Russia's modern history.
Wagnerian in scope and opulence, Gerontius is bound together with the leitmotif device Wagner developed to perfection - recurring themes representing characters, moods or just about anything else.
A shared leitmotif, such as the repeated use of the verb "lehakkir [to recognize]," provides a clear illustration of this device in the patriarchal narratives.
WILLIAM FAULKNER USED THE FIRST LINE OF JOHN KEBLE'S HYMN "MATRIMONY" ["The voice that breathed o'er Eden"] several times as a leitmotif in The Sound and the Fury (1929), as has been observed in a recent article by Sally Wolff, Marie Nitschke, and Robert J.
The unspeakable" becomes the leitmotif in Zamyatin's novel, as D-503's most intriguing thoughts often collapse into ellipses, a teasing suspension of drama that never quite gives up the goods.