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And it is momentous because it moves the debate beyond the recognition of individual lesbians and gay men - whose rights are legally protected as individuals in a number of states - to focus on their relationships, and does so through the democratic process.
The pair had coffee together, and a few months later Herman-Wurmfeld received the offer to direct Legally Blonde 2.
78-197 as a concession that the anticipatory-assignment-of-income doctrine could not apply if the charitable donees were not legally obligated and could not be compelled to sell, which was the case here.
So while politicians carp about the federal tax code's so-called marriage penalty, which causes some legally married couples to pay more taxes than they would if they filed as two singles, many gay and lesbian couples suffer a particular form of tax discrimination--call it the "no legal-marriage penalty.
Several provisions of the Code set forth circumstances in which an individual who is legally married may not be considered married.
Lisa Coons-Andersen of the Florida-based group We 2 Have Parental Rights recommends that same-sex parents not only legally document their life as a family with things such as a will but also create records of parental involvement through photos, school documents, or proof of their participation in their children's extracurricular activities.
Also uncertain are the standards courts would adopt to value claims not legally enforceable on the date of death.
Fios will facilitate access to the electronic evidence stored in Oracle Content DB and Oracle Records DB, so that it can be collected, reviewed and produced in a legally defensible manner, as well as aggregated with other responsive evidence that resides within the enterprise (e.
Hahn said he wanted to work with Delgadillo on different approaches - legally and through lobbying - to convince the state to withhold the landfill's operating permit.
The court stated: "One who invests significant, unrecoverable resources in property that he does not legally own.
government, has launched its I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Product, a cost-effective solution employers can use to verify that an employee is legally authorized to work in the United States.
LANCASTER - An 81-year-old former real estate agent and engineer pleaded no contest to second-degree murder for killing his wife with a hatchet as she slept, then was declared by the judge to be legally insane when he did it.