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Legal assessor Rhys Thomas read out the letter, dated July 9 which "with deep regret" confirmed Ms Richards' absence from further proceedings.
Frank McConnell, legal assessor said: "Young people should be protected from this behaviour.
MacAdams is a former delegate to the provincial synod, a former diocesan legal assessor, and chair of the resolutions committee for several sessions of the synod of the diocese of New Westminster.
The committee, who will not take part in the full misconduct hearing, was today advised by the UKCC's legal assessor on last month's submissions.
But legal assessor Alexander Coleman pointed out to the panel that the evidence was only hearsay, and the patient had been recommended to visit Johnson by a friend who had used the chiropodist for years, so the actions could be seen as out of character.
Legal Assessor Eleanor Evans, 35, of Danescourt, Cardiff, said: ``I work in an office and do not think people are specific, but the general feel is like that.
Our solicitor Brian Price will act for the Turf Club and solicitor Philip O'Connor will act as a legal assessor.
John McBratney, senior counsel, and vastly experienced solicitor Brian Price represented the Turf Club, while solicitor Philip O'Connor acted as legal assessor, available to both parties.
Tenders are invited for nmbi wishes to establish a multi supplier framework agreement for the provision of a maximum of 10 barristers (senior counsel and junior counsel with at least ten years~ experience) legally entitled to practice in ireland to act as legal assessors to the fitness to practice committee of nmbi.
The Turf Club has appointed retired judge John Buckley and senior counsel Henry Bourke to act as legal assessors in appeals as so many trainers and jockeys are now legally represented.
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