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congenital heart disease

A congenital malformation–eg, coarctation of aorta, VSD, ASD, tetraology of Fallot–of the heart or great blood vessels, which may or may not have clinical consequences. See Baby Faye heart, Shunt.
Congenital heart disease
Rightleft shunt Cyanotic shunt Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessels, trucus arteriosus, tricuspid valve atresia
Leftright shunt Acyanotic shunt Patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, aortic coarctation (NEJM 2000; 342:256rv)


left-hand side. See specific sites, e.g. left atrium, displacement of abomasum, ventricle.

left colon displacement
causes colic in horses; caused by entrapment of the left colon behind the nephrosplenic ligament; requires surgical intervention; manifested clinically by absence of the pelvic flexure of the colon from the left ventral abdomen.
left shift
see shift to the left.
left-sided recurrent laryngeal neuropathy
see laryngeal hemiplegia.

Patient discussion about left

Q. Dear Doctors,I had cyst in my left ovary and poped it off,after that I have a small pain every day. in HSG everything was OK.my Pop smir is ok and in histroscopy every thing was ok. would you please ask me why I have this pain?

A. as Ann already mentioned - this is a good place to get good advises, not diagnosis... my advise to you is to ask the gyno how long there should be pain after the surgery. i'm sure it take couple of days minimum but i would ask him about it. if there's something wrong he'll know what to do.
sorry i can't help more...

Q. is taking glucosomine and msm good enough for me?i have problems with my left knee. i was wondering if i absolutely need to add in chrondoitin to the mix.will this add more joint support benefit for my problamatic left knee...?so far,the glucosomine and msm seem to be working pretty good but maybe things could be even better by adding in chrondoitin perhaps...?

A. I have hypoglycemia, shellfish and sulfa drug allergy and cataracts, and developed symptoms like diabetic neuropathy after taking this for over 60 days. Since learned that glucosamine is sugar and sulpha based, and chondroitan is made from shellfish, so I should not have used.

Q. My grandmother has arthritis in her left knee. Is it likely that she will develop in the future arthritis in other parts of the body as well?

A. Unfortunately ostheoarthritis is a disease that can effect almost every joint and therefore arthritis like she has in her knee can develope in other places such as the ankles, hips and hand joints.

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A group of 250 armed Naxalites ambushed the convoy at Dharba valley through which it was traveling following a party's campaign rally, wiping out the entire top Congress leadership of the state, including Chhattisgarh's party chief Nandkumar Patel, his son, and local leader Mahendra Karma who had ignited a campaign against the left-wing rebels.
According to him, the phenomenon of VMRO-DPMNE as a right-wing party is illogical because it increasingly promotes left-wing ideas more often.
Among the lawyers is Taylan Tanay, lawyer for members of the left-wing band Grup Yorum, who are also suspected of having links to the DHKP/C.
The party said it was of the impression that the head of the church should view all members of the flock equally, "whether they are right-wing, left-wing, black or white".
Had to use left-wing down and right rudder to gravity feed.
In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, the leader of Democratic Movement and Development of Afghanistan (DMDA) said the Afghans should not differentiate between the old left-wing and the new left-wing.
Thus, in today's Democratic Party we get one of the strangest of coalitions -- Jews, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, and left-wing anti-Semites, who blame Israel (and American Jews) for all the world's ills.
It would be satisfying to provide an equivalent list for left-wing Think Tanks, but the statistical sample is so small that the task is beyond the reach and ingenuity of at least this disinterested observer.
When the Dean campaign folded and MyDD was relaunched, it was just one point in a network of growing, highly active left-wing blogs.
Mexicans don't need any lessons from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela about being socialists," groused an official of the Fox government when asked about the prospect of a left-wing win in Mexico's July presidential election.
CORRECTION: The liberal media here fall back into their well-worn bag of tricks: Jesse Helms, for example, is labeled as an "archconservative" (though corresponding tags are rarely applied to left-wing extremists).
Crowds of hippies and radicals journeyed uptown to lend us still more support, until we could count on probably tens of thousands of people to stand at our side, and potentially even more--an enormous left-wing public, squaring off against several thousand other people, the uniformed phalanxes of the New York Police Department, who lined Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue in their boots and helmets, ready to invade the campus.