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Your getting the small yellow light to appear involves the right and left Shift keys, marked with the blue dot, and the cursor in the matrix.
Results of a CBC showed a persistent anemia and a significantly improved leukocytosis without a left shift (Table 1).
Four of the other 5 missed cases would be detected only by reducing the left shift flag to the factory-default setting.
Majority showed normal curve with left shift and mild broad base curve.
For the BABY CAR hold down the LEFT SHIFT and select the ALPINE RACER
7) Sensitivity of leucocytosis is 52-96% and left shift is 39-96%.
The left shift with a monocytosis indicated chronic active inflammation.
Laboratory testing showed a peripheral leukocytosis with a left shift.
Her complete blood count revealed leukocytosis with a white blood cell count of 17,000 and a left shift of 6% bands.
But the classic left shift of transitional neutrophils, as an indicator of acute inflammation or infection, has become somewhat problematic with these instruments.
Her white blood cell count was 17,200/[micro]1 with a left shift.
The areas used to define cells of the Left Shift and Immature Gran categories are separated in the 4-DIFF and IMI scattergrams of the XE-2100, whereas on analyzers of the NE-series, the Left Shift area is integrated in the Immature Gran area.