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The patient was immediately commenced on oxygen therapy and transferred to the obstetric critical care unit (OCCU) in a semirecumbent, left lateral position.
Under general anesthesia in the left lateral position, a thoracoscopic approach was utilised to evaluate and remove the lesion.
The immediate treatment for VAE should include preventing further air entry by occluding the site; taming the patient to the left lateral position with the head down, if possible; maintaining high-flow oxygenation; and providing critical care to stabilize and maintain vital signs (Heckman et al.
However, in a birthing room, a woman is quite often asked to lie in the left lateral position, meaning on her left side, and it's plausible that this position may be better for the baby.
Lying in the prone and left lateral position significantly reduced the number and severity of episodes of reflux, duration of episodes and amount of gastric residue after 1 hour after feeding.
The patient was placed in the left lateral position and correct placement of the Fogarty catheter was confirmed fibreoptically.
The majority of day procedures can be performed with the patient sedated in the left lateral position, an assistant elevating the right buttock.
Electronystagmography detected nystagmus in the left lateral position.
The 12 study positions were supine, supine with knee bent, left lateral position, and fight lateral position, and in each of these positions, the HOB then was elevated to 15[degrees], 30[degrees], or 45[degrees].
Subarachanoid block was performed with a single attempt at L3 to L4 level using a 25 gauge spinal needle in the left lateral position using 12.