left hepatic vein

left he·pa·tic vein

vein draining the medial segment [IV] and the left lateral segments [II & III] of the liver, a single or paired trunk of variable size that usually (90% of the time) merges with the middle hepatic vein before entering the terminal portion of the superior vena cava.
Synonym(s): venae hepaticae sinistrae [TA]
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The recipient operation is similar to that of implantation of a cadaveric split left graft; the inferior vena cava (IVC) is preserved, the left hepatic vein is anastomosed to the recipient IVC, and the left portal vein of the graft is anastomosed to the main portal vein in the recipient.
Venous drainage was directly into the IVC via a large aberrant vein running parallel to the left hepatic vein, as well as into the left renal vein (Fig.
There was a small right lobe mostly occupied by a white, multinodular tumor, extending to segment IV and the left hepatic vein.
Routine Doppler interrogation of the hepatic vessels should include, when present, the main, right and left hepatic arteries and portal veins, as well as the middle, right, and left hepatic veins.
The retrohepatic cava is approximately 8 to 10 cm long, and it receives venous return from the large right, middle, and left hepatic veins.