ledger sheet

ledger sheet,

n an accounting form for keeping track of debits, expenditures, credits, and charges.
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Limited Tenders are invited for supply of Pencil, Teg small, Teg Large, Ledger Sheet IAFZ-2286A, Ledger cover IAFZ-2286
There is no ledger sheet that shows Germany in the red," Lute, who was U.
We also are unwilling to accept that the benefits of EHRs are only financial; there are intangible rewards that cannot be appreciated on a ledger sheet.
Meanwhile, the ledger sheet was also looking good on Warners' "Wrath," budgeted at $125 million (not including marketing), comparable to the original.
If it makes sense for your company and you can afford it, there are many benefits that don't show up neatly on a ledger sheet.
When you write the essential information--date, payee, amount and perhaps a memo--the information is automatically recorded on a ledger sheet behind the check.
There are enough pluses and minuses on both sides of the ledger sheet to debate whether a company should locate, grow or remain in the state.
While the state gets a revenue enhancement from fee collection, the ledger sheet for other Floridians may well be in the red.
IF you were to gauge the prosperity of the nation on a ledger sheet, Americans would have plenty to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.
com Software: Ledger sheet development support tool SVF, ledger sheet operation software RDE, multi-dimensional high-speed tabulation search engine Dr.
Today Steinhauer puts his pencil to the design work; Ascherman, to the ledger sheet, although they both still insist on remaining hands-on.
So he's still getting a bonus in hand, but he's also seeing his loan being paid down on the ledger sheet.