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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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factory, 5-door, at least 5 seats, gasoline engine turbo, at least 250 Nm / 180 hp, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, ground clearance at least 170 mm, at least 500 kg payload, loading: at least 1000 x 1000 mm (W x D; to.
As many as 5,487 search operations were conducted in Punjab, as many as 322 in Sindh, 1,223 in KP, at least 12 in Balochistan and 275 search operations were conducted in Islamabad.
Baghdad: Bombings and shootings killed at least 15 people in Iraq yesterday, among them a senior army officer, security and medical officials said.
We stand ready to share our experience with our friends and brethren in the Least Developed Countries," he added.
The software program includes four main parts: final additions, least cost charge calculations, melt stock casting and calculating campaigns of charges.
Perhaps more significantly, when the former shareholders or partners of the domestic entity hold at least 80% of the foreign surrogate corporation, the latter will be treated as a domestic corporation for all Code purposes, under Sec.
provided information on the sexual risk behaviors being studied and, at baseline, had completed at least 16 items on a 19 item scale assessing depressive symptoms in the week before the interview.
Keywords: Indiana, Larus delawarensis, least tern, nest success, productivity, ring-billed gull, Sterna antillarum
People with significant social jet lag were at least three times as likely to be smokers as were people who didn't experience the sleeping problem.
The company expects to recycle 42,000 additional tons per year with the equipment and will provide at least $240,000 in matching funds.
LaBranche's commitment to keep more than 500 jobs downtown for at least the next decade is the latest example of the financial industry's confidence in the future of Lower Manhattan," said Doctoroff.
It's easy to put off, at least today, at least this week, at least until you (choose one) get new sneakers, get past the holidays, get some free time, get a new job, get the kids off to college, whatever.