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n 1. a conveyance of lands or tenements to a person for life, for a stated number of years, or at will, in consideration of rent or some other recompense.
2. any agreement that gives rise to a landlord and tenant relationship.
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Upon completion of all proposed mall projects, the total net leasable areas among all existing and upcoming malls would be 1.
The mall, which now has 1,092,887 square feet of gross leasable area would be expanded by 182,000 square feet under the current proposal for phase one of the project, including the Robinson-May expansion by the year 2007 and Nordstrom by November 2008.
Percentage against Total Leasable Space of All Properties Held by the Fund (Note 2): 1.
BTB now owns 72 retail, office and industrial properties for a total leasable area of more than 5.
We are looking forward to our planned retail bond offering this year which is the last fundraiser we need to complete our one million sqms of leasable space by 2020,' she said.
For this year, Sian said the firm is expected to build 310,000 square meters of leasable space.
Together with the four acquired office properties, Kungsleden is expected to become the third largest office property owner in Kista with a total leasable space of close to 100,000 square metres.
Work on the interior renovation of the 11-story, 125,000 s/f building began November 2004, with completion scheduled for December 2005 for the Church's offices, and March 2006 for the lobby and leasable space.
Plaza at Rockwall - Rockwall, TX: This multi-tenant shopping center has approximately 334,027 square feet of gross leasable area.
Starmalls, a subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes, had 17 commercial assets in its portfolio as of end-2016 and is still continuing to expand its leasable space.
Reportedly, these acquired properties comprise of approximately 94,000 square metres of leasable area and house various tenants, including schools and county council operations.
All the leasable space will benefit from the technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly infrastructure that the Rudins have become known for delivering since their successful development of the New York Information Technology Center at 55 Broad Street, 110 Wall Street and the Long Island Technology Center River.