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The youth gave the leaders a powerful jerk, and they plunged aside, and re-entered the road in the position in which they were first halted.
yelled the leader, scratching at the foot of the tree.
And yet more incomprehensible is the cessation of that movement when a rational and sacred aim for the Crusade- the deliverance of Jerusalem- had been clearly defined by historic leaders.
But the elder leader was wise, very wise, in love even as in battle.
63-66) But from Euboea Elephenor, leader of men, the son of Chalcodon, prince of the bold Abantes, sought her to wife.
So the Leader went into his den and looked at his children--two very cunning little cubs, lying on the floor.
This time, they said, they were really going to have a leader and become the wisest people in the jungle --so wise that everyone else would notice and envy them.
Another moment and the leader of the herd leaped high in his tracks and fell prone, dyeing the sward with his heart's blood.
That will do me great honor," said the leader of the posse, "and I accept thankfully.
After this examination they turned their eyes towards their leader, who had long been acquainted with the art of speaking to men of that class, and who improvised the following little speech, pronounced with an energy truly Gascon:
One, much bigger than the others, seemed to be their leader.
The yellow nobles, too, looked in surprise, and then as I made no move to draw they hesitated, fearing a ruse; but their leader urged them on.