chrome yellow

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chrome yel·low

(krōm yel'ō), [C.I. 77600]
A fine yellow powder used in paints and dyes.
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The dark chromium oxide thus slowly replaces and covers the yellow color of the lead chromate, causing the bright yellow areas in paintings to turn dark brown.
3 and 4 suggest that the CY yellow coating surface is much rougher than the rest, the presence of Pb originating from the lead chromate yellow pigment is very likely due to the exposure of the pigment particles.
The fifth study showed that human lung epithelial cells transformed with lead chromate also had increased aneuploidy further indicating that the aneuploid phenotype persists (49).
Inorganic pigments include ultramarine blues, conventional and encapsulated lead chromates, mixed-metal oxides, aluminum pastes, titanium dioxide, specialty blacks, and chromium oxide green.
lead chromate of an unknown percentage in a can of paint used by a maintenance person for painting the metal supports of a cooling tower on the roof;
We have for years been in the possession of a large portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments that represent excellent alternatives to lead chromate pigments," said Stefan Sutterlin, head of the business management pigments ofBASFin Europe.
Therefore, from May 2015, it will no longer be permitted to put into circulation lead chromate pigments without approval by the authorities.
Lead chromate has been used in a number of synthetic turf fields to extend the life of its colorfastness.
Pigments Offered: Blacks (perylene, anthraquinone, Cu/Cr/Mn oxide, Fe/Cr/Mc oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine blue, indanthrone blue, cobalt blue); Extender Pigments (attapulgite, kaolin); Greens (phthalocyanine green cobalt green); Iron Oxide Pigments; Metallic Pigments (coated iron oxide aluminum); Reds (perylene reds, lithol reds, 2B reds, para reds, naphthol reds, lake reds, lithol rubine, specialty azo reds, synergy hybrid reds); Specialty Pigments (mica and glass flakes specialty pigments, perylene black); Yellows and Oranges (bismuth vanadate, quinaphthalone, azo lake, isoindoline, lead chromate, chrome titanate, benzimidazalone, specialty azo yellows, monoarylide yellows, diarylide yellows, nickel titanate, chrome titanate, synergy hybrid yellows)
The Synthetic Turf Council, based in Atlanta, has said that, while nylon fiber-based fields often contain lead chromate to extend yarn color lifespan, the fields pose no known risk to the health and environment because the lead is microencapsulated within the nylon fiber.
2], iron oxide, ultramarine blue and violet, lead chromate, chrome oxide green, and extender pigments like talc, mica, calcium carbonate, and precipitated silica.
Concerning Absorption of Lead Chromate by the Body (Bioavailability):