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, lazaretto (laz'ă-ret, -ret'ō), Obsolete term for:
1. A hospital for the treatment of contagious diseases.
2. A place of detention for people in quarantine.
[It. lazzaretto, fr. lazzaro, a leper]


(lăz′ə-rĕt′ō) also




n. pl. lazaret·tos also laza·rets or laza·rettes
1. A hospital treating contagious diseases.
2. A building or ship used as a quarantine station.
3. often lazarette A storage space below deck or between decks on a ship or boat.


(1) Leprosarium. 
(2) A hospital for infectious disease(s). 
(3) A quarantine site.
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Available details on the processes of writing and editing Prisons and Lazarettos are few, and originate reliably only in John Aikin's book (Aikin 1792: 64-6).
Aikin's description of the work arrangements was apparently meant to apply to the production of all versions - at least, he wrote nothing more on the matter - and a notice he inserted in the posthumous edition of Lazarettos saying that illness prevented Dr Price from working on it suggests that Price helped routinely with all Howard's books.
Persons affected by plague were kept in lazarettos, and large numbers of infected persons were kept in hospitals, houses, or neighborhoods on the assumption that plague in these persons remained isolated.
An account of the principal lazarettos in Europe; with various papers relative to the plague.
The Venetian possessions each had their ownproveditore alla sanita (governor of health), magistrato alla sanita (health magistrate), and a lazaretto (pesthouse) with its priore (director), dottori (physicians), and sanitation guards (23).