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(lā) [Fr. lai, L. laicus, fr Gr. laïkos, pert. to the people]
Not professionally trained in or qualified to practice any of the professions for which a higher education is required (e.g., law, medicine, clergy).


adj nonprofessional.

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Q. what is leukemia in lay person language, what causes it, what are the symptomes, and is it cancer

A. Leukemia is cancer of white blood cells. there are about 6-7 types of Leukemia i think...i'll have to check that one out. it basically means a white blood cell got mutated and started to multiply like crazy. causes severe problems. the types defer in which part of maturation it got cancerous. i hope i helped- if you still need more information, just ask! i'm here.

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fish, chips 'n' Guinness; Bruce as Corrie slob Les; Sinitta pampers layabout Bruce; Bruce & Sandra, Sinitta & Andy
Bill has even layabout Jack discussed doing ads with Liz Dawn - screen wife Vera till two years ago - and joked: "Can you let firms know there's a clappedout former soap double act for hire?
And the American actor quickly became a fan of stringvested layabout Rab, played by Gregor Fisher.
All top five places in the poll went to sitcom leads, with Royle Family layabout Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson) in second place.
The new film, which like its predecessor is based on fact, doesn't have a quirky central character such as Gerry Conlon, the young Belfast layabout (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) who was wrongly convicted of being an IRA terrorist and locked up for years.
Ricky, who plays foulmouthed layabout Jim Royle, in the hit BBC TV show, is now only behind X Factor and Take That.
This Saturday, Bruce Jones, alias Coronation Street layabout Les Battersby, will be joining in the fun at Fatty Arbuckles, on Stoney Stanton Road.
REG Smythe, creator of our lovable layabout Andy Capp, is dead.
March 16 holds a particular resonance with half of Ultimate - it was the last day he went to school way back in 1994 and heralded in a new era as truant, mallrat, layabout, hanger-around.
Ricky, who plays foul-mouthed layabout Jim Royle, in the hit BBC TV show, is now third favourite behind X Factor and Take That.
CORONATION Street actor Bruce Jones, who plays layabout Les Battersby, came close to suicide after discovering one of the Yorkshire Ripper's victims, he said today.
Creed-Miles is spot-on as the amiable but useless layabout whose pub usual used to be "10 pints, two grams and a punch-up".