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A historic term used to describe a quality of pus (thick and creamy) suggesting that a wound ultimately would heal through the granulation process and not be associated with sepsis and death.
[L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]


Medical history
An obsolete adjectival usage for any process regarded as beneficial—in particular, pus seen in acute inflammation—which was regarded as having a positive prognostic potential in an infection.

Vox populi
adjective Praiseworthy.


(lawd′ă-bĭl) [L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]
Commendable; healthy; normal; formerly said erroneously of pus.


Historic term to describe a quality of pus (thick and creamy) suggesting a wound that ultimately would heal and not be associated with sepsis and death.
[L. laudabilis, praiseworthy]
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Let me seeand now the SC actually "recognized the encouraging effects of the DAP on the country's economy and acknowledged its laudable purposes"was that it?
Auditing and then targeting those who do not comply with the request to recycle may be radical, but if it achieves the laudable goal of increasing recycling rates, it is a move worth making.
It brings firsthand knowledge of his life with the recognition of his incompleteness, and a patchwork quilt of a memoir that is most laudable in its attempt to explain his existence.
Known as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, the laudable directives are intended to protect Europe's citizenry against the dangerous substances potentially leaching into water supplies when aging and discarded components are put into landfills.
The heroine becomes the de facto wedding planner for the West wedding which gives her easy access to the suspects and her determination to find out if the cousin she didn't like was murdered is laudable.
The Bush doctrine on Social Security is not at all about serving such laudable social goals.
93 reflects laudable concerns, it has no place in the U.
Enemy Aliens is laudable for making a clear case that the civil and human rights violations that immigrants have endured during the war on terror are egregious constitutional transgressions with global implications.
The Tripartite Initiative's report reflects a laudable team-effort of owners, unions, and contractors to reach a historic consensus for improving construction cost-effectiveness," said Stephen E.
While the goal is highly laudable, it should take into consideration that some city noises are actually a source of pleasure, such as the bells or music announcing the arrival of an ice cream truck in the neighborhood.
When you factor in the number of adults who have no children, or only one, whether for laudable or suspect reasons, three is hardly replacement value.
The council's plans on car parking have seemed both laudable and laughable.