lateral hypothalamic area

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lat·er·al hy·po·tha·lam·ic ar·e·a

the portion of the hypothalamus located generally lateral to a rosterocaudal line drawn through the column of the fornix and the mammillothalamic tract; contains fibers collectively comprising the medial forebrain bundle [TA] and the following nuclei: portions of the preoptic area [TA] (area preoptica [TA]), portions of the lateral tuberal nuclei [TA] (nuclei tuberales laterales [TA]), the perifornical nucleus [TA] (nucleus perifornicalis [TA]), and the tuberomammillary nucleus [TA] (nucleus tuberomammillaris [TA]).
See also: hypothalamus.
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simplicifolia extract is followed by a marked increase in cerebral 5-HT levels, detected in the rat lateral hypothalamic area.
Neurons expressing the peptide orexin are found exclusively in the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA).
1) Immuno-cytochemical studies show that orexin-positive neurons are located in the lateral hypothalamic area and arcuate and perifornical nuclei.
Effect of electro-acupuncture of Zusanli on unit discharges in the lateral hypothalamic area induced by stomach distension].

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