lateral excursion

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a range of movement regularly repeated in performance of a function, e.g., excursion of the jaws in mastication. adj., adj excur´sive.
lateral excursion sideward movement of the mandible between the position of closure and the position in which cusps of opposing teeth are in vertical proximity.

lat·er·al ex·cur·sion

movement of the mandible to the right or left side.

lat·er·al ex·cur·sion

(latĕr-ăl eks-kŭrzhŭn)
Movement of the mandible to the right or left side excursion.
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It is the job of these rollers to reduce lateral excursions that come from uneven wrapping on the reels, called stagger wrap or scatter wrap.
Anterior guidance refers to the dynamic relationship of the lower anterior teeth against the lingual contours of the maxillary anterior teeth in centric, long centric and in their protrusive, lateroprotrusive, and lateral excursions.
Both protrusive and lateral excursions were limited.

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