latent energy

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po·ten·tial en·er·gy

the energy, existing in a body by virtue of its position or state of existence, which is not being exerted at the time.

latent energy

Etymology: L, latere, to be concealed; Gk, energeia
the energy contained in an object as a result of its position in space, its internal structure, and stresses imposed on it. Also called potential energy. Compare kinetic energy.


(en'er-je) [Gr. energeia, activity]
In physics, the capacity to do work, effect change. Energy is manifested in motion (kinetic energy) or position or chemical bonding (potential energy).

Changes in energy may be physical, chemical, or both. Movement of a part of the body shortens and thickens the muscles involved and temporarily changes the position and size of cells, but intake of oxygen in the blood combined with glucose and fat creates a chemical change and produces heat (energy) and waste products within the cells; fatigue is produced in turn. See: calorie; energy expenditure, basal

conservation of energy

The principle according to which energy cannot be created or destroyed, but is transformed into other forms.

kinetic energy

The energy of motion. It consists of the mass of an object and its velocity.

latent energy

Potential energy.

monochromatic infrared energy

Abbreviation: MIRE
Exposure of the body to a light source whose wavelength is 880 nm. It has been studied as a potential treatment for diabetic neuropathy, musculoskeletal trauma and pain, and cutaneous sores.

phosphate-bond energy

Energy derived from phosphorylated compounds such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate.

potential energy

Energy stored but not actively used. It includes, for example, the energy stored in chemical bonds or in objects based on their position in space.
Synonym: latent energy

radiant energy

A form of energy transmitted through space. Radio waves, infrared waves, visible rays, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays are examples of energy in this form.
See: electromagnetic spectrum for table

stray energy

Electricity or heat accidentally released during electrosurgery into tissues that were not targeted for cautery or cutting.
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Using the fact that the flow, heat transfer, and moisture transfer in the airflow channels are nearly fully developed so corrections are small, equations are presented for the sensible and latent energy effectiveness of energy wheels, which transfer both heat and water vapor, knowing that the cyclic changes in inlet airflow properties follow a series of step changes.
This estimate is equal to approximately 60% of the value of the total latent energy capacity for the thermal store (assumes a PCM latent energy of ~ 195kJ/kg or 83.
Mills that causes the latent energy stored in the hydrogen atom to be released as a new primary energy source.
Reference Capacity, Rate of Interzonal Energy Transfer, and Minimum System Capacity at the Optimized Zone Temperature and Humidity Ratios Sensible Energy Zone Reference Interzonal Minimum Capacity, W Energy Capacity, W Transfer Offset Capacity, W North 511 0 [right 511 arrow] East -1 1 [right 0 arrow] South 286 -94 [right 192 arrow] West 511 -400 [right 111 arrow] Core -246 246 [right 0 arrow] Total 814 Latent Energy Zone Reference Interzonal Minimum Capacity, W Energy Capacity, W Transfer Offset Capacity, W North 523 0 [right 523 arrow] East 639 0 [right 639 arrow] South 523 -82 [right 442 arrow] West 523 -351 [right 173 arrow] Core 694 216 [right 911 arrow] Total 2688
As air passes through the face of the filter it collects moisture much like an evaporative cooler increasing the latent energy of the air.
Second, depending on the type of ERU, it may be possible to vary the sensible and latent energy transfer components, either independently or in conjunction.
The HERV system combines the benefits of both ERV and HRV systems, allowing it to maximize sensible and latent energy recovery.
In creating and selling this fuel product, we recover the latent energy stored in material discarded by society, providing power particularly suited to vehicles operating in the urban environment.
Industry data suggests that in the United States alone, over 50,000 megawatts of latent energy potential is ignored every year as these waste streams are buried in landfills.
To remove latent energy from OSA, chilled water must be generated below the leaving supply air dew-point provided by the DOAS.
Industry data suggests that in the United States alone, over 50,000 megawatts of latent energy potential lies in these waste streams, which are routinely landfilled.