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Any decline in such latent profit has only a limited impact,'' said a senior official of a major bank.
Latent Heat came in off an uncharacteristically bad ninth-place drubbing at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky.
The idea of latent semantic analysis is that the aggregate of all the word contexts in which a particular word does, and does not, appear provides a set of mutual constraints that reflects the similarity of meaning of words to each other.
According to the measured and calculated latent heat values for the 3XX series of aluminum alloys, the latent heat of solidification is strongly dependent on the silicon content and only slightly dependent on the copper content.
The basic principle of IRT (also called latent trait theory) is that for any fixed values of the latent traits the observed variables are mutually statistically independent; this has come to be known as the principle of local independence (Lazarsfeld, 1950, Lazarsfeld & Henry, 1968).
To demonstrate the IAFIS latent print search technique, the FBI encouraged law enforcement representatives who attended the July 2000 International Association of Identification (IAI) meeting in Charleston, West Virginia, to bring with them any latent fingerprint evidence from unsolved cases so that the prints could be run against the FBI's criminal database of 4l million entries for a match.
The database can be used to develop and test new fingerprint algorithms, test commercial and research Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), train latent examiners, and promote the ANSI/NIST file format standard.
Looks at recent developments on goodness-of-fit test statistics and on non-linear models and models with mixed latent variables, both categorical and continuous.
In addition, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi -- not included in the tally -- is widely believed to hold more than 1 trillion yen in latent gains, industry sources.
In spite of these hurdles, research conducted by the FBI Laboratory's Latent Fingerprint Section - in conjunction with police and medical authorities in Knoxville, Tennessee - proves that latent fingerprints can be lifted from skin if only investigators are willing to try.
The latent demand for bananas in Greater China is not actual or historic sales.
The latent demand for mobile marketing and advertising is not actual or historic sales.