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The ministers were both present when he received the last sacraments.
This happened to an aunt of mine who was dying but was completely healed after receiving the last sacraments.
The family priest came to the house regularly and gave her communion and the last sacraments.
Hill asked me to administer the last sacraments, as Elias's future was still uncertain.
After a brief goodbye with her husband, parents, and other family members, and after receiving the last sacraments of the Catholic Church," Justin Torres said at the press conference, "Susan Michelle Rollin Torres passed away after the machines which sustained her life for the past 12 weeks were turned off.
I would like to die after receiving the last sacraments.
She decided she was going to die a Catholic martyr, even though Elizabeth refused to let her receive the last sacraments of the church.
Still, demand for last sacraments remained high, even among those who ignored other Catholic practices.