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Any of three cardioactive glycosides, designated A, B, and C, that are obtained from the leaves of Digitalis lanata.
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The cardiac glycosides Lanatoside A, Lanatoside C and Glucogitoroside showed significant levels of cytotoxicity whereas the phenylpropanoid glycosides had no notable effects on cell growth (Fig.
An increase in the G2/M phase was observed in cells treated with Lanatoside A, Lanatoside C and Glucogitoroside compared to cells in the DMSO controls (Fig.
Thus in this study, oxidative stress induction by Lanatoside C was monitored in HCC cells.
Based on the finding that Lanatoside C caused ROS accumulation, targets of ROS at the protein level was further investigated by western blot analyses.
In vivo anti-tumor effects of Lanatoside C on Mahlavu mice xenograft models
Finally, the anti-tumor activity of Lanatoside C was investigated on nude mice tumor xenografts.
In this study, drug resistant PTEN deficient mesenchymal like Mahlavu liver cancer cells and drug sensitive PTEN adequate Huh7 cells were selected to be studied in depth including the molecular pathways involved in cell death in the presence of cardiac glycoside Lanatoside C (Buontempo et al.
Lanatoside C was selected to further investigate the molecular mechanisms, because this compound has been preferably used in clinics.