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n a prayer expressing affliction or sorrow and requesting defense, retribution, or comfort.
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A moment later he was swinging through the black jungle night, the cries and lamentations of Momaya growing fainter in the distance.
I could not forbear asking him some questions about those lamentations, which we heard upon our entering into that place.
By 1930 Graham had begun to hit her creative stride with the solo Lamentation.
Two essays touch on the events surrounding the assassination of the Duc de Guise: one by Polachek on Anne d'Este, whose lamentation for her murdered husband and brother is seen as politically crafted rather than truly intimate.
Addressing central party Ashoura lamentation at the village of Mashgara in western Bekaa, he stressed what he termed as "US endeavors to finish off his Resistance through STL and other International Resolutions".
26] In Psalm 137, as in 79:10, Psalm 42:3,10, and Lamentation 2:15, the Israelites' captors taunted them saying, "Where is your God?
Lamentation as history; narratives by Koreans in Japan, 1965-2000.
A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping.
Countdown to Ashura got underway in predominantly Shiite areas of Lebanon with mufti Ali Makki of the Shiite Supreme Council launching a series of lamentation and mourning events the first of which took place at the southern Lebanese village of Habboush/Nabatiyyeh.
Orihara's role in Errand Into the Maze, Prosperi's in Deep Song, and Katherine Crockett's in Lamentation were all masterfully interpreted.
5] The complainte's particular combination of lamentation, female voices, and popular song forms marks out not just a poetics staked against normal love lyric both in gender (female) and in subject (mourning), but one emanating from a culture of song distinguished by a greater polyphony of voices, subjects, and styles.
Cross's lamentation will undoubtedly find resonance among many contemporaries who find shopping in today's warehouse toy marts a bewildering and values-challenging experience.