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n a prayer expressing affliction or sorrow and requesting defense, retribution, or comfort.
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The Gorgon and the Nightingale: The Voice of Female Lament and Pindar's Twelfth Pythian Ode.
The ritual of lament faithfully encodes our oppression and we enact our part faithfully.
The task of Paraig, 45, as bard is to eulogise and lament the passing of important clan members.
She does not construe Ezekiel as a lament, but as a book that contains various aspects of a sub-genre of the lament.
We lament that Jesus came to our door and we turned Him away.
Of varying colours, including yellow, blue, white, orange, green and white, like Lament, the shelf grouping celebrates diversity, but within Liao's strict and personally derived studio practice.
This movement of our God present with us, responding with a roaring lament to our own tears of grief is what empowers us to move out of our own paralyzing tears and grief and forward into the mission and ministry of Christ.
This disciplined and highly regulated aspect of lament performance is a prime feature of the genre and a reason why women in the past were required to spend so much time at funerals.
the Christian dispensation, lament and hope are correlative, provided we
A good example of such polyphony of the lament text is a lamenting session recorded by myself at a North (Onega) Vepsian cemetery in 2005 (village Yashezero, see Arukask & Lashmanova 2009).
It's an album that in my opinion, stands to define Lament as a professional outfit, with its rich rhythms and infectious beats all topped off with Kath Kimber's superb vocals.
In Joseph Harris's intelligent and thought-provoking analysis " 'Myth to Live By' in Sonatorrek," which is an updated version of a 1999 paper, (1) Harris convincingly argues that real laments in Old Norse culture were modeled on mythic ones, using the archetypal lament of Odin for Baldr as a case study.