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(la-mel'a) plural.lamellae [L., a little plate]
1. A thin layer, sheet, or plate.
2. A medicated disk of gelatin inserted under the lower eyelid and against the eyeball; used as a local application to the eye.

bone lamella

Plates of collagen fibers, 3 to 7 µm thick, found in secondary (mature, adult) bone and surrounded by cementing substance, the mineralized bone matrix. Some lamellae are parallel to each other. Other lamellae are aligned concentrically around a vascular canal — a structure known as a haversian system or osteon.

circumferential lamella

A layer of bone that underlies the periosteum, encircling the medullary cavity.

concentric lamella

One of the cylindrical plates of bone surrounding a haversian canal. Synonym: haversian l

enamel lamella

Microscopic cracks or calcification imperfections in the enamel surface of a tooth. They may be shallow or extend into the underlying dentin and occur as a developmental defect or a microfracture caused by temperature change or shearing forces.

ground lamella

Interstitial lamella.

haversian lamella

Concentric lamella.

interstitial lamella

The bone lamella filling the irregular spaces within the haversian system. Synonym: ground l.

medullary lamella

An osseous lamella surrounding and forming the wall of the marrow cavity of long bones.

periosteal lamella

The bone lamella next to and parallel with the periosteum, forming the external portion of bone.

triangular lamella

The small fibrous lamina between the choroid plexuses of the third ventricle of the brain.

vitreous lamella

Bruch's membrane.


n the nearly parallel layers of bone tissue found in compact bone.
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A second heating scan from 50 to 200[degrees]C at a rate of 10[degrees]C/min was applied to determine the permanent effects of aging on the polymer structure [37, 38], The lamellae thickness and lamellae thickness distribution were calculated using data obtained from the first heating scan to determine the effect of aging on the lamellar structure.
Segment 5 of fore tarsus without proximal and medial lamellae, provided of proximal and medial bristles (Fig.
The webinar will include insight into the challenges faced attempting to size and count glass lamellae while differentiating them from other particulate present in the sample and the variety of methods investigated.
It may be assumed that the higher number of cross-grown LDPE lamellae at the domain surface in case of iPB-Eth copolymers causes higher stress at the matrix-domain interface, and consequently leads to a more pronounced decrease of the peel force.
They showed that the cascade of events culminating in the condensation of the reflectins causes the osmotic pressure inside the lamellae to change drastically due to the expulsion of water, which shrinks and dehydrates the lamellae and reduces their thickness and spacing.
Metallographic observation revealed that in this case fine new cementite lamellae did not form.
However, none of them attempts to describe the particular details of the microstructure, especially the lamellae length and width during the spheroidization.
In many technologies, the stability or instability of lamellae can be a key factor.
Full thickness lower eyelid defects compromising both lamellae can be categorized by the percentage of lid length affected.
A decrease in dimensional accuracy of sawn lamellae was observed when the wood temperature dropped below zero.
There are about 200 stromal lamellae averaging about 1.