lambda chain

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lambda chain

a type of light polypeptide chain found in immunoglobulin molecules.


1. the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet, λ or λ.
2. the point of union of the lambdoid and sagittal sutures of the cranium.

lambda chain
one of the two light chains of immunoglobulins; the other is κ.
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In this case, the Tsubaki application engineers suggested specialist duplex sprockets with extruder grooves, combined with a 1" Lambda chain.
Biopsy the affected organ * Congo red binding and green birefringence under polarized light * Fibril structure on electron microscopy * X-ray crystallography and infrared spectroscopy to confirm the characteristic cross beta-pleated sheet * Biochemical and/or immunohistochemical identification of the major amyloid protein * For patients with the AL type of amyloid: Immunohistochemical staining: demonstration of kappa and lambda chains in plasma cells Molecular genetic methods: differentiation between poly- and monoclonal B cells Step 2.
Lambda chains appear to have a greater affinity to form amyloid than K chains (26,27).