laboratory information system

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lab·o·ra·tor·y in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(lab'ŏ-ră-tōr-ē in'fōr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
A complete software program for clinical laboratory collection, reporting, and quality assurance of specimens.
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European Laboratory Information System Market Research Report, Product, Type, Component, Delivery Mode, End User and Country - Market trends, Market share, Industry analysis and Forecast 2015 - 2022
The European laboratory information systems market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.
The integration of POC technology with the laboratory information system must occur on a real-time basis.
In this report, the North American laboratory information systems market has been broadly classified on the basis of products, types, components, delivery mode, and end-users.
The undertaking comprises delivery of a complete Clinical Genetics Laboratory Information System (CG-LIS) suited for a clinical genetic laboratory including tested and validated installation of all equipment in accordance with all requirements stated in the tender dossier.
And vendors of laboratory information system are on the cutting edge, with client-server technology, Web linkages, and modern tiered architecture, Gendler adds.
The global Laboratory Information System market is forecast to reach a billion by the end of 2020, growing at a remarkable CAGR during the forecast period.
1 The contract is for the supply of diagnostic laboratory equipment - lease analyzers and laboratory information system and supply of reagents and materials necessary to perform the indications listed in Appendix 3 - the price sheet for each package.
How a new laboratory information system can support acquisitions and consolidation.
the contract laboratory information system and related support services.

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