laboratory, dental

laboratory, dental,

n the area of the dental office where the dental professional performs nonpatient procedures.
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Contract award: supply of medical, laboratory, dental material.
PIA also runs an optical laboratory, dental laboratory, shoe factory, meat plant, coffee roasting plant, and bakery, as well as textile mills, dairies, farms, and laundry facilities.
2, 1995--With the help of a new electronic readout device being developed by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, dental patients will soon be exposed to as little as one-tenth of the X-ray radiation they typically receive now.
Successive deliveries of medical, laboratory, dental and X-ray material.
Divisions include hospital, laboratory, dental, nursing, nutrition and mental health.
InfoLock is a web based application that integrates all available cost and quality information on employee benefit experience from sources including health carriers, pharmacy, disability, workers compensation, laboratory, dental, and absence data.
Contract award: delivery of the medical, laboratory, dental material.
Stratasys ( NASDAQ: SSYS), a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems for prototyping and manufacturing, today announced that German dental laboratory, Dental Consulting Dohrn GmbH(DCD), has seen an increase in productivity following the installation of an additional Objet Eden260V 3D Printer.
The office reviewed 132,000 claims for the inpatients, all of whom were under age 21, and found that the state had submitted 119,000 improper claims for acute care, pharmacy, laboratory, dental, and other professional services not normally covered by Medicaid for this group of inpatients.
In the last quarter of 2010, we will include medical laboratory, dental assistant and general practitioners (GP).
The PMA President said the law will equally cover hospitals, diagnostic Centres, medical clinics, Nursing Home, Maternity Home, Laboratory, Dental Clinic, Physiotherapy Clinic, Homeopathic Clinic/hospitals, Tibb Clinic/Hospitals, Acupuncture Clinic or any system of treatment.