labor curve


Graph of labor parameters of time and dilation with alert and action lines to prompt intervention if the curve deviates from expected.
[L. partus, childbirth, + -gram]

la·bor curve

(lā'bŏr kŭrv)
Synonym(s): partogram, labour curve.
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These findings of an overall longer duration and slower progression of the early part of the first stage of labor have led to a proposal for adoption of a separate obese labor curve (Obstet.
The labor curve of the grand mulipara: Does progress of labor continue to improve with additional childbearing?
The parameter -b is the slope of the macroeconomic supply of labor curve in (w - p, u) space, and is the slope of the labor demand curve in that space.
It is the combination of this wage setting (which is in the self-interest of the owners of the firms as distinct from that of its employees) with an upward-sloped labor curve that produces these results.
t], an increase in output price leads firms to hire more employees along the demand for labor curve D([w.
Therefore, the marginal product curve in Figure 1 has been shifted down by a factor of (1 - 1/6) = 5/6 to obtain the dashed-line demand for labor curve for a firm.
6 A technical derivation of the demand for labor curve when the probability of continuing is less than 1 is something that can be discussed in an intermediate macro class.
The slope of the labor curve, however, is not important for the principles of the subsequent analysis.
We may need a whole new labor curve for these women," Dr.
Since the 1950s, obstetricians have been using the Friedman labor curve in order to assist in interpreting normal and abnormal labor patterns," lead study author Heidi K.
I'm just going to watch the patient's labor curve very carefully.
Hamilton's presentation titled "Diagnosis and Clinical Significance of Disorders of the Active Phase of Labor" offered research-based evidence revealing that traditional labor curves -- the historical and modern standard measure of labor progress in terms of cervical dilation against time -- are too broad and imprecise to provide useful indications as to whether labor is progressing safely for the mother and baby.