labial swelling

la·bi·al swell·ing

the female embryonic genital swelling which elongates to become the definitive labium majus.
See also: genital swellings.
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She also complained of worsening labial swelling and increased vaginal discharge despite adherence to the fluconazole and clotrimazole cream regimen, which were discontinued on admission to the ED.
On the 16th day after commencement of ATRA, she developed perineal lesion with labial swelling and two superficial ulcers with fever.
The findings for labial swelling +in OFG patients (78%) are comparable to those of other studies in the UK (75.
The yeast can provoke allergic reactions leading to labial swelling.
MONTREAL -- Unusual gynecologic complaints of labial swelling or clear labial/vaginal discharge could be symptoms of genital lymphedema, especially if the patient has had previous pelvic or gynecologic surgery or radiation affecting lymph nodes or vessels.