labial mucosa

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la·bi·al mu·co·sa

(lā'bē-ăl myū-kō'să)
The tissue lining that covers the inside of the lips. It consists mainly of the epithelium and subjacent connective tissue.
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The most important finding of fusion of labial mucosa with gingiva over the alveolus is found only in EVC syndrome and is not found in Achondroplasia or any other diseases.
The term "dip lip" is the colloquialism they used to describe the lesions found in the lower labial mucosa of moist snuff users.
Typical sites include the lateral borders of the tongue and buccal/ labial mucosa and the buccal/ labial vestibular areas.
These lesions occur most often on labial mucosa and gingiva.
Clinical examination of the oral cavity revealed generalized diffuse brownish to blackish pigmentation involving commissures of lip, labial mucosa, buccal mucosa, gingiva and hard palate (Figure 1-3).
Circular incision (Ernest R sehwarty 1972) created a small window on the labial mucosa to expose the band to which a bracket was welded.
The labial mucosa of the lower lip also demonstrates a loss of pigmentation terminating at the vermillion border.
Incisional biopsy was done on labial mucosa & submitted for histopathological examination.
The buccal mucosa was the most commonly affected site followed by labial mucosa and palate.
When found on non-gingival locations such as the labial mucosa or buccal mucosa, along the line of occlusion; it is known as irritation fibroma.
Non scrappable, whitish interlacing, radiating striae (wickham's striae) were seen on lower labial mucosa, right & left buccal mucosa.
A 70 year old female patient presented with an expohytic growth on left side of lower labial mucosa with a rough, shaggy and multiple finger like papillary projection, for a period of one years (fig 11).