koketsu (kō·kāt·sōō),

n.pl one-hundred-twenty acupuncture points corresponding to underlying, often neurological structures. See also acupuncture.
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Our Russian customers find these SUVs useful in navigating the country's long distances and variable road conditions, and we hope by bringing production closer to them we can increase sales in this important market," Mitsubishi Motors spokeswoman Namie Koketsu said.
London 2012 has already had enough human drama to rival Dickens, Shakespeare and, um, EastEnders, with extraordinary characters including teenage swimming prodigies and the dapper 71-year-old equestrian Hiroshi Koketsu.
A few years later, that initial brainstorm for an alternative business model was birthed into Three Stone Hearth, the worker-owned cooperative that Jessica co-founded with four other worker-owners (Larry Wisch, Catherine Spanger, Misa Koketsu, and Porsche Combash).
Tamogami went out of control and his act was close to a coup,'' said Atsushi Koketsu, an expert on modern Japanese political history.
To say that Craig Koketsu is the executive chef of two restaurants is somewhat misleading.
Sows fed inadequate lysine during lactation, for example, may have a prolonged weaning-to-estrus interval (Yang, Pettigrew, Johnson, Shurson, Wheaton, White, Koketsu, Sower, & Rathmacher, 2000).